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My 13-year-old little boy has been taking these capsules for 3 months and has grown 1.5 inches. The product really works on my son. I appreciate it. I hope he will grow more in coming years and we'll certainly continue to buy this product for him.

Bert from New York

My son has been taking the products for 6 months and achieved good results. He has been using it constantly without interruption. I think the continuous use of the product with the right dosage is necessary for the product to work. I have been advised very carefully about how to use the product. As a result, the product is effective for my child. Thank you.

Liam from Illinois

I am 16 years old and I have been taking NuBest Tall for 6 months. At first I did not trust this product very much because I tried many products but the results were not satisfactory. I chose NuBest Tall because I wanted to give myself another chance and this is my right decision. Thanks NuBest Tall.

Roberto Nguyen from New Zealand

What I like most about NuBest Tall is that it contains precious herbs. I'm an Asian so I know these herbs are extremely good for health. And that's the most important reason why I decided to purchase it for my daughter. Although she has been using it for only two months, I feel very reassured about the results it brings.

Ivy Ying from Maryland

My son used to be very sad because of his modest height. He felt too unconfident to take part in any activity in his school. My colleague recommended NuBest Tall to me and I bought it for my son. He has been using it for 9 months and his height has been improved much. Both he and I are very happy. Thanks NuBest Tall.

Jacqueline Pham from Arizona

I am 16 years old and 5'10'' tall. Six months ago, my parents bought NuBest Tall for me as a birthday gift. At that time, my height was only 5’7”. In addition to using NuBest Tall regularly, my parents also encouraged me to sleep sufficiently, eat adequately and perform exercises. Thanks my parents and NuBest Tall.

Richard Murray from Singapore

Although my daughter played sport regularly, she was still much shorter than her classmates. My friend advised me to buy NuBest Tall for her and I did that. She has been taking it one year and her height was better. She's now 5'7'' tall.

Erin Johnson from Canada

NuBest Tall is useful for children and teenagers because it helps them get taller quickly and safely. We were so satisfied with this product that we recommended it to most of our friends.

Kent Taylor from Ohio

In my opinion, NuBest Tall is one of good height supplements in USA. I have tried a variety of products for my son but it was only when he used NuBest Tall that he got results. Patience is needed when using the product but in general I am satisfied.

Auden from Maryland

I bought NuBest Tall for my kids because I wanted to improve their height and physique. Son is 10 years old and daughter is 12 years old. After the first month, I noticed no changes so I was so disappointed. But after being consulted by NuBest USA, I tried to give my kids another 3 months to use the product. And the miracle has come. After 3 months, my kids started to have height changes, they also became healthier. Now I and my kids trust in NuBest Tall so much.

Beatrice Morrison from Georgia

At first, my son refused to drink it. I had to do many ways to make him agree to drink it. After a month of use, he felt healthier so he started to like drinking NuBest Tall. Now after 6 months, NuBest Tall has become an indispensable friend of my son.

Suzanne from Sydney

I bought three bottles of NuBest Tall for my son. After 6 months using it, he looked taller and healthier. My nephew also used this product and his height was improved considerably. It's a great product.

Tuan Nguyen from Kentucky

When I was 17 years old, I used to wish to grow 3 inches in one year. However, I found it difficult to get it although I went swimming a lot. One of my friends had used NuBest Tall and he recommended this product to me. I did some research on this product and decided to use it. After 6 months using it and going swimming, I grew 3 inches. The product is really as good as I expected.

Jimmy Evans from Arizona

My parents are Chinese but I was born in USA. My dream is to become a basketball player. However, I was too short to play basketball. My parents were very sad and I was too. I was even shorter than Asian friends in my class. My uncle recommended NuBest Tall to my parents and they immediately bought it for me. I have been taking it for nearly one year and my height is 5'9'' now. My parents often encourage me to play sports in addition to taking NuBest Tall.

Luana Lee from Florida

My daughter was rather short compared to her friends. I tried to find ways to improve her height because I did not want her to be inferior to her friends. My sister recommended NuBest Tall to me and I immediately bought it for my daughter. My daughter is now much taller than previous time. Thanks NuBest Tall.

Melanie Smith from London

My children were much shorter than their peers. Therefore, they felt unconfident to take part in any physical activity at school. My friends recommended NuBest Tall to me and I immediately ordered it for my children. After one year using this product, the son grew 4'' and the daughter grew 3''. Such an incredible product. I love it.

Mira Norwood from New Jersey